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So as you may know, we recently launched a YouTube channel – woohoo! So we got ourselves busy on YouTube, seeing what everyone else was up to, what art content there is out there, and seeing how people are adapting and creating more online content. So I thought, why not share all my findings with you lovely folk.

Here is what we have been watching on YouTube, and this is how you can get your art fix on there too.

Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester Art Gallery’s YouTube page houses interviews, behind the scenes videos, artist talks and more. You can watch videos of artist Sonia Boyce OBE, who recently became the first black woman to represent Britain at the next Venice Biennale. Or listen to talks with artist Grayson Perry, who’s new channel 4 show ‘Art Club’ starts tonight, 27th April. There’s loads on their channel and they are also hosting talks on Zoom as well, so well worth a follow!

Tom Quigley

The lovely Tom Quigley can do no wrong in our eyes at the moment. Not only does his YouTube channel include art lessons you can follow, it also includes timelapse videos of him creating masterpieces, plus, I learnt what Frottage meant! You’ll have to head to his channel to find out! Tom, who is also an art teacher, is doing loads of online content right now to keep himself busy, keep up entertained and to teach us new things too, so keep up the good work pal!

Liz Ackerley

We love looking through sketchbooks here at the Cotton On MCR office, and these are my favourite videos of Liz Ackerley’s. She talks us through her drawings, her ideas and inspirations, what mediums she used and how she did them. I find them fascinating. Alongside her sketchbook videos, you can also find a mix of drawing techniques, from different mark making, how to create different textures and more. During the lockdown I believe a new video is being added every week, so follow her page to stay updated.

The Lowry

Being a theatre and art gallery also, means that there is a big mix of videos on The Lowry’s YouTube channel. But, looking solely at their art focused videos, they have some decent ones on there! We recently reviewed ‘Everything I Know, I Felt‘ and there are videos on the channel to accompany that. They also have videos which explore the work of Lowry himself, as well as Meet the Team videos too. So although there may be some scrolling to do to find the art videos, once you do, they are some right little gems in there.

Manchester School of Art

I am so happy I found this channel, there is literally loads on there, from videos of previous exhibitions, to artists talks, to spotlight videos of students, to advice of building your portfolio, working on commissions, securing internships and more! There’s videos from illustration students, animation, photography, fashion students… the list goes on. This is a great channel for all the variety it has!

Ted Talks

You can’t beat a good Ted Talk, and there is a ton on art based subjects. One of my personal faves is one named ‘Art in the Age of Instagram.’ I have written about art and Instagram many of times, as I find the relationship a complicated one. There’s also ‘How My Art Went Viral and I Became a Full-Time Artist’ by Amanda Oleander, and ‘A journey through the mind of an artist’ by Dustin Yellin to name a few. They are insightful, interesting and intriguing topics to learn about.

So there you have it, six of our current favourite YouTube channels to get your art fix online, seven if you include Cotton On MCR channel also! With another couple of weeks left of this current lockdown, I imagine there will be more content coming, so watch this space.

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